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Dubai special line

Self operated special line, double clearing and tax payment to the door, whole process controllable, one order to the end, with local customs clearance team and delivery team, to provide customers with safe and fast services.

International Express

Provide DHL, FedEx, UPS agency services, pick-up and transshipment in the mainland the same day, pick-up and transshipment in Hong Kong the same day or the next day, and provide customers with safe and high-quality services

international air transport

It provides international airline services starting from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and South Korea, establishes long-term and stable cooperative relations with international well-known airlines, and provides customers with direct flights, transit, charter flights and other services

International dedicated line

It provides door-to-door services in Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, establishes long-term and stable cooperative relations with foreign and local well-known express companies, and provides tax inclusive and non tax inclusive services for customers.

  • Intraday transshipment without collection
  • Own resources as low as 10% discount
  • Information transparency track tracking
  • Rapid claims settlement of transportation insurance

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Shenzhen zhongqiutong International Logistics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen zhongqiutong International Logistics Co., Ltd,It is a comprehensive logistics service provider focusing on international express, international air transport and cross-border e-commerce; Relying on our own team, information technology and overseas resource integration, we are committed to continuously improving the construction and improvement of various service platforms, establishing a sound extended service system for the personalized needs of different customers in many countries, and providing customers with more high-quality, efficient and safe logistics services. Making China Global Communications your logistics partner will save you freight costs and make you feel different services. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of about us. advantage:

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